Green School

St. Patrick's JNS is very proud to have been awarded six Green Flags. We are working towards our eighth Green Flag.


Our 1st flag was awarded for our “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” approach to reducing Litter and Waste. Our 2nd flag was awarded for our Low Energy campaign and our 3rd was awarded for our Water Conservation campaign. Our 4th Green Flag was awarded for Travel. We successfully increased the number of pupils walking, cycling, scooting, car pooling and parking and striding to school. Promoting sustainable travel modes in the school also helps to improve pupils’ safety, health and fitness.

Our 5th Green Flag was awarded for Biodiversity. Our pupils learned a lot about plan and animal habitats in the local area and in the wider world. Our school is home to a small colony of frogs and we have successfully incubated chicks in our classrooms for the last four years. Our 6th Green Flag was awarded for Global Citizenship: Litter & Waste. This flag emphasises the importance to all of us who live on planet earth of reducing, reusing and recycling materials so as to reduce litter and waste. It also encouraged our pupils to respect and learn about people from other countries and cultures.

Our 7th Green Flag. was awarded for Global Citizenship: Low Energy. This  campaign gave us a chance to revise the “Energy” theme while looking at issues surrounding energy on a global scale. The most obvious global link to this theme is of course Climate Change, the most serious environmental problem of our time, which is intrinsically linked to our energy use..

We are currently working on our 8th Green Flag which is for Global Citizenship: Marine Environment. As with the previous Global Citizenship themes this is a maintenance theme that will enable us to discover how our work on the Green-Schools programme has positively influenced environments worldwide while focusing our work on our oceans and seas. We are really focusing on the effect that plastic have on our seas. As part of our work for this flag we have had a talk from a DIT science lecturer on plastics, we ran a three-day plastic collection within the school to show how plastic waste can quickly build up and we have also had numerous in-school competitions for this flag. Please visit our instagram page @stpatsjnsgreenschool for more information and pictures of all our work!

We are the only junior school in the fingal area with seven Green Flags and we are very proud of this achievement. We are very proud of our Green School status, especially as we are a junior school. Our seven flags have been awarded as a result of the hard work of our pupils, sustained and supported by teachers, the Green School committee and our amazing parent body. These flags represent an approach to life that we in St. Patrick’s have taken for many years. The core of this approach is respect; for ourselves, for each other and for the environment. With your help we will continue to reap the rewards, seen and unseen, of that approach. Our Motto: “Be Cool! Walk, Scoot or Carpool to School!