2017 - 2018 Junior Infant Booklist

St. Patrick’s Junior School

Skerries, Co.Dublin

Tel: 8490836


Booklist for Junior Infants 2017-2018


Maths                   Busy at Maths-Junior Infants               (C.J. Fallon)


Religion                 Grow In Love- Junior Infants              (Veritas)


Handwriting         Go With the Flow Handwriting Book A and B                                     

                              Go With the Flow Home School Links A and B

                                                  (CJ Fallon)

Gaeilge                  All Gaeilge resources will be provided by the school at a cost of  €10.00

S.A.L.F                 To be provided by the school at a cost of  €4.00



1 Project ruled no.15                 (no other ruled copy is suitable)

2 unruled copies

1 Sum copy (20mm large squares)


1 A4 plastic envelope folder with button

1 X10 pack of plastic pockets

2 Pritt Stick 20g


Art and Craft and Sundries €55.00, payable online at https://databizsolutions.ie/live/auth/login

(If you have any difficulty logging in please email the school at admin@stps.ie.)


Please ensure that your child’s name is visible on the outside cover of each book and copy.  Schoolbags must be large enough to hold the largest book/folder and lunch box.