Green Schools News: Our SEVENTH Green Flag!!

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our seventh Green Flag! This wonderful achievement is due to the hard work of Ms. Grimes and Ms. Spillane, supported by all staff members, pupils and parents of the school. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly for a Junior Primary School. In fact, St. Patrick's JNS is currently the only Junior Primary School in Fingal to have achieved seven Green Flags. We would like to thank the parents for the unwavering support you have shown in regard to all our "Green" initiatives.

Child Safeguarding Review Notification 26 nov 2019 - 25 Nov 2020

Image of the signed document.

Notification regarding the Board of Management’s review of the Child Safeguarding Statement

To whom it may concern:

The Board of Management of St. Patrick’s JNS, Skerries, wishes to inform you that:

• The Board of Management’s annual review of the school’s Child Safeguarding Statement was completed at the Board meeting of the 26th November 2019.

• This review was conducted in accordance with the “Checklist for Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement” published on the Department’s website