school policies

Mandatory Policies

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment 23
Child Safeguarding Policy.pdf
Admissions PolicyAdmissions Policy.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf
Child protection Garda Vetting Policy Child Protection Garda Vetting.pdf
Code of Behaviour & DFL Code of Behaviour.pdf
Data Protection Policy Data Protection Policy.pdf
Protected Disclosures Policy Protected Disclosures Policy.pdf
School Attendance Policy School Attendance Policy.pdf
Substance Use PolicySubstance Use Policy.pdf
Website Privacy Statement Website Privacy Statement.pdf
 Child Safeguarding Review 
 Child Safeguarding Checklist 
COVID Response Plan COVID Response Plan.pdf 
Dignity at Work Policy Dignity at Work Policy
RSE PolicyRSE Policy

Other Policies

Acceptable Use Policy Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
Additional Needs Policy Additional Needs Policy.pdf
Administration of Medication Policy Administration of Medication Policy.pdf
Assembly & Prayer Service Policy Assembly & Prayer Service Policy.pdf
Cards & Invitations Policy Cards & Invitiations Policy.pdf
Commercialism Policy Commercialism Policy.pdf
Communication with Separated Parents Policy Communication With Separated Parents Policy.pdf
Data Protection Policy Data Protection Policy.pdf
DVD/Video Showing Policy DVD/Video Showing Policy.pdf
Healthy Lunch Policy Healthy Lunch Policy.pdf
Intimate Care Needs Policy Intimate Care Needs Policy.pdf
Job Sharing PolicyJob Sharing Policy.pdf
Parent Teacher Communication Policy Parent Teacher Communication Policy.pdf
Phone Policy Phone Policy.pdf
Photography Policy Photography Policy.pdf
Policy on Dealing with Assaults and Violence in School Policy on Dealing with Assaults and Violence in School.pdf
Policy on Exemptions from the Study of Irish Policy on Exemptions from Study of Irish
Remote Learning Remote Learning.pdf
Religious Education Policy Religious Education Policy.pdf
Separation Guardianship Issues policy  Separation Guardianship Issues Policy.pdf
Supervision Policy Supervision Policy.pdf
 First Aid Notice First Aid Notice.pdf
 Wellbeing Policy Summary  Wellbeing Policy Summary.pdf
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